The Making of GoMake.It
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About The Making of GoMake.It is a powerful platform for overcoming the obstacles faced when creating an idea or project. To help tackle these obstacles we provide a robust toolset and a skilled passionate community to help throughout the project journey.

Get your ideas off the ground, take your project to the next level or get involved in a project you're passionate about!

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Location: San Francisco, CA
Recent Activity
Yesterday Sumeet moved to Chile to set up our international headquarters :)
Posted 816 days ago
3 High Fives 1 Share is alive! Check it out.
Posted 907 days ago
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Vinay Anantharaman has joined the project!
Posted 952 days ago - Remove
Max Klausner Welcome Vinay :)
Posted 952 days ago
Max Klausner R2! Stop spamming my wall :)
Posted 951 days ago
Editing :)
Posted 985 days ago
Happy New Year everyone. Dream big in 2012 and best of luck with your's going to be a good year.
Posted 990 days ago
Had an amazing Thanksgiving back east...getting back to work with some intense ideating sessions.
Posted 1023 days ago
You can now post Soundcloud music to the activity feeds. Just add the soundcloud url to any post! To kick it off here is song from local SF band Butterfly Bones...
Posted 1036 days ago
Kelsey Beach This is neat. Maybe we can post podcasts or voice notes next?
Posted 1022 days ago
Max Klausner That would be awesome Kelsey. We definitely need to support more audio uploading.
Posted 1021 days ago
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Our New Berkeley Headquarters!!
Posted 1050 days ago
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If you're in LA check out Max Piras' first solo art show this Sunday, October 23rd, at the Dennis Dutzi gallery of CSULB. 5 to 7 pm . If you're not in LA check out his work here . Good luck Max!

Posted 1064 days ago
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Co-Founder - Max Klausner
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On Cloud 9...We're now moved over to our cloud servers! Looking forward to the speed, stability and scalability that the cloud offers!
Posted by Sumeet Patel - 1075 days ago
We've successfully acquired!
Posted by Sumeet Patel - 1094 days ago just won the the Berkeley Venture Lab Competition!
Posted by Max Klausner - 1095 days ago
Notifications on are now live! Check the circle on the top of your page to see recent happenings!
Posted by Sumeet Patel - 1151 days ago