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I've completed my fantasy novel. Now all I have to do is publish it!

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4 rejections so far. It may be time to rework the query letter.
Posted 980 days ago
Sumeet Patel Keep it up just found this article that could be useful for you, looks like the person sent 230 emails and got rejected 93 times and 6 followups. Sometimes brute force is the best method.
Posted 977 days ago
Kelsey Beach Oddly encouraging.
Posted 975 days ago
I've submitted 5 query letters. Now I wait.

If I get no response, I'll revamp the query letter and try again.

If I still get no response... well, there's always book 2 or 3.
Posted 997 days ago
Max Klausner :) I'm sure it's just a matter of persistence (and maybe a bit of luck). Good luck and Happy New Year!
Posted 995 days ago
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I submitted my first query letter!
Posted 1005 days ago
Sumeet Patel Awesome, good luck!
Posted 1004 days ago
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I prioritized my list of 49 literary agents and determined an order for querying. Next step is (gulp!) query them.
Posted 1022 days ago
Max Klausner :) Good luck! Is there a specific way you're supposed to submit the query that's standard in the industry?
Posted 1021 days ago
Kelsey Beach It depends on the agent. In general you e-mail them the query letter, sometimes with pages, a synopsis, or a bio attached, and then wait for them to ask for a "partial", i.e. part of your book. If they like that, they might ask for the full manuscript. It's common to get dozens of rejections, hence why my list is 49 agents long.
Posted 1021 days ago
Sumeet Patel Good luck! That sounds like the same process we have to go through to raise funding for
Posted 1020 days ago
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Two new things I'm working on:
- Query letters for the revised novel... tough as always
- Researching copyrights... it doesn't seem as complicated as I thought it would be, but that's the kind of thing you CANNOT get wrong
Posted 1042 days ago
Max Klausner Yeah, I imagine that the copyright is kind of a big deal when it comes to novels. Does it need to be done before the manuscript is sent out?
Posted 1041 days ago
Kelsey Beach Yes, it's a good idea. There's a lot of trust among authors, agents, editors, and publishers... but it only takes one bad apple.
Posted 1040 days ago
I haven't made an update in a while. I've made most of the changes I mentioned in my last post. I'll finish them today hopefully. I'm happy with the changes.
Posted 1042 days ago
Well, I made a bunch of changes to the novel. I'm letting it sit before I do the final polish.

In the meantime, I'm renewing the search for literary agents.
Posted 1072 days ago
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Last weekend I attended Dragon*Con, the largest fantasy and sci fi convention in the world.

Was I dodging people dressed like anime characters and superheroes? Yes. Did I see Captain Kirk and Princess Leia? Definitely. Did I learn a ton about publishing? Affirmative.

This last one might seem like a surprise, but I listened and questioned fantasy writers, editors, and agents for all of four days. All my online research was useful and needed, but the sparks of wisdom from Dragon*Con were invaluable.

I thought my novel was done, except for a few tweaks and polishes. Now I realize some rework is needed. I could argue it's set me back, but I'm aiming for a more marketable book. Hey, a novel is no good if no one will publish, buy, read it. I'll keep you posted on the changes.
Posted 1106 days ago
Max Klausner Sounds like a very worthwhile experience. What was some of the feedback that you got and what are the things you're reworking?
Posted 1104 days ago
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Still working on queries... They have a very specific format. I've never written one. No one I know has ever written one. It's tough to get advice! Currently I'm dashing about the internet and buying e-books and physical books alike.
Posted 1120 days ago
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How's it coming?
Posted 1127 days ago
Kelsey Beach In-between travel, I'm working on query letters. I thought writing synopses was tough, but they're bon bons and ice cream compared to query letters.
Posted 1125 days ago
Max Klausner I can imagine. Do you have a list your sending them out to? Is there a preferred format that you can use for most of them or are they all different? Good to hear it's moving forward.
Posted 1125 days ago
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I submitted my first query letter!
Posted by Kelsey Beach - 1005 days ago